When You Drink Celery Juice Every Day, This Is What Happens To You

Celery juice is said to cure or at least improve almost any disease. We look at how healthy Celery juice really is.

The incredible reviews about it, Of course, Celery juice can also be made from celeriac.

The celery juice, however, that is at stake when it is currently mentioned, is made from celery stalks, also known as celery or bleached celery.

This is how celery juice tastes and how it works if you drink it daily:

When You Drink Celery Juice Every Day, This Is What Happens To You:

Number 1. Celery Juice Strengthened for the day.

The taste of celery juice takes getting used to, a little salty, slightly bitter, and even bland for some people.

Few perceive drinking as a pleasure. You actually feel more alert, fit, and strengthened for the day.

After a week at the latest, a certain level of satisfaction spreads, which manifests itself in fewer cravings for sweets or other unhealthy foods.

At the same time, the ability to concentrate increases, which leads to significantly better performance in professional or school, but also in everyday sports.

However, it could be that these fabulous effects are particularly pronounced in those people who have so far not paid much attention to their health, who could hardly open their eyes without coffee in the morning, and who eat little fruit and vegetables.

Number-2  Celery prevents High Blood pressure and indigestion.

Celery juice has been known for millennia. The celery juice was of course not reinvented.

Already in the millennia-old TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), celery juice is used against high blood pressure and in Ayurveda against indigestion as well as neurological diseases like dementia and Parkinson’s.

Number 3. Celery has a positive effect on gout.

Since celery is an excellent source of potassium, one of its most important therapeutic effects is the diuretic effect, which has a particularly positive effect on rheumatism and gout. Because now it is much easier to remove the complaining uric acid and other slags.

Number 4. It is extremely beneficial for the eyes and Bones:

In addition, celery provides a lot of beta-carotene (2.9 mg per 100 g), which corresponds to far more than 100 percent of daily needs.

Since beta-carotene can be converted into vitamin A by the body as required, 100 g of celery already provides half of the daily vitamin A requirement, which can be extremely beneficial for the eyes, mucous membranes, and bones.

Number 5. It helps the heart.

Celery Juice is Probably much more effective than individual vitamins and minerals, however, the special interaction of all the plant substances contained in the celery, which include phenolic acids, as well as flavonoids (e.g. apigenin), phytosterols, phthalide, and many more.

Number 6. It prevents chronic indigestion:

According to various studies this juice could prevent inflammatory processes in the body, which in turn can now have a positive effect on all inflammatory diseases, such as chronic indigestion.

Number 7. It prevents cancer.

The phthalide contained a relaxing effect on the blood vessels and thus lowers blood pressure – naturally together with the abundant potassium, which also has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.

Apigenin, in turn, is known to be an anti-cancer substance that has been shown to shrink tumors in animal studies.

Number-8 It affects the stomach.

The polysaccharides contained in celery are also said to protect the stomach. Researchers at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia found back in 2010 that an extract from celery (in rodents) had an extremely positive effect on the gastric mucosa and its ability to regenerate.

You can even prevent stomach ulcers because celery regulates gastric acid formation.

 Number 9. Beneficial for heartburn and reflux:

The celery juice works so well on the stomach – which is particularly beneficial for heartburn and reflux – because it stimulates gastric acid production.

So, Drinking fresh celery juice (470 ml) in the morning regenerates and strengthens the digestive system so well that you have excellent digestive power all day long.

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