10 Foods That Fight Alzheimer’s Disease To Know

2- Mild Alcohol Consumption:

Some studies have shown that like berries and the other foods it is made from, consuming alcohol in moderation can help to support heart and brain health. It is not recommended for everyone, and after a few glasses a week it becomes detrimental to health rather than supportive.

While many things are unknown and beyond our control, food choices and diet are things that people can control. As part of Alzheimer’s care a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables, dark chocolate, cinnamon, fish, nuts, and berries, can all help to boost memory and protect cognitive functioning.

Blood pressure and the health of the body and especially oral health are also key to brain health, leading to developments in diets that are protective of cognitive functioning, boost heart health, and keep the body healthy. When used in conjunction with other treatments and medication, as well as exercise and puzzle or other brain exercises, diet can help to slow or delay the stages of Alzheimer’s.

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