The Importance of Proper Eating Before Endurance Exercise

You now understand how your body stores glucose as glycogen for later use. This is the first reason it’s important to eat properly before endurance exercise, but it’s not the only one.

What you eat before you exercise determines both how you’ll feel during the actual workout and how well you’ll recover afterward. Simply eating isn’t enough; you need to eat enough of the right foods.

If you’ve ever been exercising and felt the beginnings of nausea, hunger, cramps, brain fog, or fatigue, you know how these symptoms slow you down and impair your ability to perform at your peak.

If you’ve ever had to stop because of muscle cramps, vomiting, or to use the restroom because of gastric distress, you probably know better than most how important it is to eat the right amounts of the correct foods before you work out.

While it’s true that you need to store energy sources to get you through your workout, you also need to provide your body with the nutrients and minerals it needs to keep your body functioning properly while you’re exercising.

These include sodium and potassium as just two examples. You also need more macronutrients the tools to build and repair muscle on the go.

If you eat properly before you exercise, you won’t feel as sore or take as long to recover as you would if you didn’t suitably prepare.

It’s even accurate to say that it’s important to eat correctly before endurance exercise simply to make it safely through the event!

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