[LOOK] Tricks To Losing Weight And Keep It Off For Good

Every person who starts a diet with the purpose of losing weight aspires that the extra kilos he has eliminated will go away forever, however, in many opportunities, that desire is truncated, because what was lost is won again soon. So, the question arises how to lose weight and make the kilos do not return?

Undoubtedly, you have to wait a reasonable time to see if the diet worked for us, a period of time recommended to verify the results in three months, but there is also another set of factors that can make us think a diet is not effective.

Then we will tell you what those aspects are that you should also consider measuring the success of a diet. The relationship between metabolic rate and diet.

Factors such as the metabolic rate of the person can determine the success or failure of a diet.

For example, a person can have a slow metabolic rate, forcing her to maintain a very strict and restrictive diet with a very low amount of calories, that is, an individual who lost 15 kilos in 5 months, must keep the diet in its original condition because having the slow metabolism, can gain weight to the slightest fluctuation in its nutritional pattern.

The most recommended is to make every effort to accelerate the metabolism, combining the diet with physical activity, always guided by a professional.    

Tricks To Losing Weight And Keep It Off For Good:

The hormones of satiety and diets to losing weight.

When we are on a diet, in our body we begin to have a series of reactions that are very important that we always have present, one of them is related to the hormones of satiety.

The organism, being receiving a lesser extent of the amount of food to which it is accustomed, feels attacked, and to defend itself reacts by being hungry, which neutralizes the function of the hormones of satiety, and it makes it more difficult to feel full with what we eat, this happens very frequently with some diets to lose weight, mainly in those that are not adapted to the conditions of each individual.

The lack of feeling satisfied gives us a state of anxiety and continuous stress which is difficult to get rid of.

Leptin relationship with diet to lose weight.

Leptin is a protein that is found mostly in the adipose tissue, when a person lowers its weight, most likely it will have less adipose tissue, because although this seems good, it is not always so, because leptin also contributes to sending signals of satiety to the organism, therefore, the less adipose tissue there is, the less leptin there will be, and the person is more eager to eat and eats a lot.

Then, a poorly functioning adipose tissue can influence any diet to lose weight. There we see that the proper performance of all the body systems is a focal point for a diet to work.

Do not believe in fast food patterns, or in extraordinary methods on how to lose weight quickly!.

You have heard many times that we should not follow miraculous diets, but we must repeat it, we must make every effort not to fall into the temptation of making diets that offer miraculous results.

The only way to maintain in time the results of a diet is to join the food, physical training, and changing habits.

How to lose weight quickly?

It is not advisable to lose weight overnight, the same speed with which the kilos will go will be the same rate with which they will return.

That is why we recommend you to be guided by medical specialists, nutritionists, and sports coaches, who can adapt to your reality any diet, so you can have the results you want.

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