How Far Does The Environment Affect Morbid Obesity

The alarms of all the offices responsible for ensuring the health of the people in the world are on, the levels of the population with a weight that harms their wellbeing are reaching very troubling levels, it seems that all the efforts that have been made have not yielded the expected results, morbid obesity is compromising the quality of life of many people throughout the world.

What is so common today that many people are obese? are genetic conditions or environmental factors influencing people? Various questions arise, and we look forward to answering some. 

How Far Does The Environment Affect Morbid Obesity?

  • Overweight and easy food.

Although we are talking about regions of the world with hunger problems, most Western countries suffer from a phenomenon that has affected the rise in obesity levels, and it is easy food.

When we refer to the term “easy food”, we mean the easy access that people have to certain types of harmful foods, with poor nutritional properties and low cost, which makes it very easy to be overweight.

For more awareness campaigns that have been made to provide people with criteria that allow them to choose their food well, almost always the choice is incorrect, they continue to eat mostly food rich in flour, sugar, and fats. Burgers, cakes, pizzas, desserts, sodas, and a long list of dishes go to the top of their excess consumption.

The obese and his relationship with Sedentariness.

Just as there are a lot of people who are in the wave of taking care of their body, doing sports, and improving their health, there are many others who are doing just the opposite.

We live in a world that seeks to “facilitate” the lives of people, which makes it habitual sedentarism. We walk little, we prefer the use of the elevator to climb up the stairs, we chose public transport instead of walking a few blocks, in our jobs, we are almost always seated, it is easy to be obese under these conditions.

It is therefore advisable to exercise through simple things, walk more, use the stairs, and look for a moment in the day when we can practice some physical activity.     

  • The worrying childhood obesity.

The overweight in children is even more impressive than in adults, the most representative symbol of this reality is the campaign that has made Michelle Obama, First lady of America, who has sought to lower childhood obesity by creating awareness especially in schools about good food.

The key to preventing the proliferation of obesity in children is to promote good habits, just as it is important to have honest, respectful, and obedient children, it is also an important value to create the need and awareness of good health, and a fundamental step is through the correct feeding.

What is obesity for you?

Beyond having a concept based on books and medical research, it is important that you see obesity and overweight as something that will affect your health enormously.

Ideally, you can also help other people to have their own concept of obesity and to improve their living conditions.

After the person is already obese, it is recommended that he visits the doctor, who will tell him the origin of the disease, either by genetic influence or habits and mistakes in life, the doctor will determine which of the different methods is best to reverse that condition.   

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