Are you eating too much sugar? Don’t ignore these 10 warning signs

Signs You’re Eating Too Much Sugar, Sugar can be called a magical substance, because when you add it to something it makes it sweeter and much tastier.

While you find natural sugar in almost everything you eat from fruits to grains, that sugar is natural sugar and does no harm. But when you add artificial sugar or sweeteners to enhance its flavors, this does more harm than good.

There is a study that shows that an average American man consumes 24 spoons of sugar in a day, having excessive sugar can cause many problems like diabetes, cardiac problems, etc.

Now let’s find out the 10 signs that show you’re eating too much sugar, and also find out why too much sugar is bad and what sugar does to your body!

10 Subtle Signs You’re Eating Too Much Sugar

1- You start craving sweet dishes.

When a person starts eating sweet things on a daily basis, he or she becomes more and more dependent on them without knowing.

Your taste buds become acquainted with the taste of sugar and demand more of it. They crave sweets the whole day it may be early morning or late at night.

Sometimes it can get really bad, as they might wake up in the middle of the night craving for something sweet.

As with any real drug sugar gives you a high followed by a crash in your energy levels immediately, hence leaving your body demanding more.

2- Feeling low in energy the whole day.

As we all know that after consuming sugar we experience a sudden spike in our energy level for a very short period of time, which is accompanied by a sudden drop of energy.

Leaving us feeling very low and listless, sugar increases the level of insulin in our body giving that high but this does not last for too long.

Sometimes we consume excessive amounts of sugar as we lack the correct balance of fibers, minerals, and other nutrients that are required by our body to function properly.

3- Sudden acne breakout on the skin.

Some people have very sensitive skin in any spike in the insulin levels in the body starts to show on their face, as insulin causes certain hormones to react with each other causing an ugly break out of acne on the face only a day or two after a person has binge sweet food items.

4- Mood swings.

People used to consume large quantities of sugar or sugary foods, are used to living in a high which is accompanied by a sudden drop in blood sugar level instead of a gradual one.

When they are unable to access sweet foods they start to become moody and cranky, also due to the low blood sugar level they act out and behave in a very rude and unacceptable manner.

5- Inability to lose weight

People who indulge in a sugar-rich diet, face many problems related to weight loss. Sugar lacks all nutrients that are required by the body to grow, hence when on a sugar-rich diet no matter how many sugary foods you consume you always feel empty.

Excess amount of sugar hampers the functioning of the pancreas, insulin is the hormone that plays a big role in controlling weight and preventing diabetes due to excess amounts of sugar the body starts to resist the production of insulin, hence making it difficult for people to lose weight.

6- Bad oral health.

When we eat sugary food, acid is produced in our mouth which may
cause tooth decay. The saliva in our mouth acts as a moderator to maintain the right balance of acidity in our mouth, but when we consume too much food that contains sugar it may hamper the pH balance of acidity in our mouth causing cavities.

7- Foggy cognitive processes.

Foggy cognitive processes are a very common symptom of low blood sugar levels, sugar gives us a sudden spike in energy, accompanied by a rapid fall in energy whereas it should be gradual.

Having a foggy thought process and impaired decision-making are all a result of low blood sugar levels.

8- Disturbed bowel movement.

As we all know fiber-rich food is needed for proper bowel movement, people who indulge in a sugar-rich diet lack those fibers as sugar only contains glucose, hence causing an irregular bowel movement and many other digestion problems.

9- Skin starts to age.

It has been seen that people who consume more sugar than normal start to develop wrinkles on their faces, this happens as the glucose sugar reacts with the protein in the bloodstream to produce advanced glycation end-products (AGE’s).

This damages the collagen and elastin present on the skin which keeps the skin supple and young.

The AG E’s present damages the structural proteins present hence causing the skin to age faster.

10- Joint pains.

Many studies have even found that people who consume more than 4 to 5 sugary beverages in a day are more prone to develop arthritis, women are especially prone to develop rheumatoid arthritis.

Hence it is professionally suggested that, if anyone is suffering from all or even some of these symptoms, they must seek professional help as they might not realize it now but in the long term it can do more damage than one realizes.

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